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    Neck Lift in Pearl River, NJ

    Dr. Vincent C. Giampapa provide neck lifts to residents of Pearl River, NJ.

    What is a Neck Lift?

    A neck lift is a popular type of cosmetic surgery procedure that involves improving the overall shape and appearance of the neck so that it looks younger, suppler and more natural.

    In many instances, a patient may require more than one neck lift procedure to get the desired result. Often, the procedure corrects the usual signs of aging, but at times it can also be used to fix congenital deformities of the neck.

    How is a Neck Lift Performed?

    There are three types of neck lifts that are performed at Plastic Surgery Center Internationale. These are the G-string neck lift, the neck enhancement and the suture suspension neck lift.

    All types of neck lifts are performed under general anesthesia. When the procedure begins, the doctor will make a small incision under the chin and behind the ear. Excess fat and skin is removed and the muscles are made tighter to give the neck a more attractive, youthful appearance. The incision is closed with sutures or surgical tape.

    About Plastic Surgery Center Internationale

    Plastic Surgery Center Internationale is situated in a spa like setting and uses only high tech state of the art plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures. Our staff is highly skilled and cordial and will answer any questions you have prior to your surgery.

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    Written by Plastic Surgery Center International October 22, 2014
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