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Breast Augmentation in New York City and New Jersey

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The Plastic Surgery Center Internationale, which provides state-of-the-art innovations in the field of cosmetic plastic surgery & age management, offers breast augmentation to patients who desire a fresh look.

Breast augmentation is usually performed to enlarge naturally small breasts; to restore breast volume following pregnancy, breast-feeding, or weight loss; or to reconstruct the breasts after a mastectomy. In addition to improving the woman’s appearance, breast implant surgery offers the benefit of increasing the patient’s self-esteem and confidence. Dr. Giampapa is the doctor trusted by women in New York and New Jersey for breast augmentation surgery.

Who Is Eligible for Breast Augmentation in New York City and New Jersey?

Some of the signs that you might want to consider breast augmentation include the following:

  • You are dissatisfied with the size and/or shape of your breasts
  • You are self-conscious because your bust line seems to be asymmetrical
  • You intend to stay at your current weight
  • You have realistic expectations about the outcomes of breast implant surgery
  • You are healthy both physically and psychologically
  • You do not expect that your breasts will develop further

The only way to know definitively whether breast augmentation surgery is a good choice for you is to meet with Dr. Giampapa to review your medical history, the goals for surgery, and the breast enhancement options available to you. If you and the doctor agree that breast augmentation is the best way to resolve your concerns, he will take photos and measurements of your breasts to plan the surgery. Additionally, you can “try on” different implants to see how the surgery will change your appearance.

Call Plastic Surgery Center Internationale today at 973-746-3535 to schedule a consultation to find out if breast augmentation is a good option for you.

What Is Involved in Breast Augmentation in New York City and New Jersey?

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure to increase the fullness and projection of the breasts or to achieve symmetry of the breasts by placing a breast implant underneath either the mammary gland or the muscle just below it.

Types of Breast Implants in New York and New Jersey

  • Saline filled implants are essentially pouches filled with sterile salt water. Some of these implants have valves that allow the doctor to adjust the implant in the future. Many women like saline implants because if the implant breaks, the body simply absorbs the fluid.
  • Silicone breast implants are filled with a natural gel made from silica, which is a metal-like substance that takes on rubber-like properties when it is heated. The doctor also use new, FDA-approved, highly cohesive silicone implants, often referred to as “Gummy Bear Breast Implants“, which retain their form better than other implants to give you a more stable shape and upper breast fullness.

Recovery Time

When you go home after breast implant surgery, the doctor will provide you with a prescription for pain medication. Most patients report some discomfort during the first 48 hours after surgery, but the medication keeps it manageable.

To decrease the risk of blood clots forming, you will need to walk every few hours. You will likely be able to return to work within two to five days after surgery, but you must avoid lifting and strenuous activities for the first few weeks after surgery.

About seven days after your surgery, you will come to the office so the doctor can check your progress and the healing of the surgical site. At this appointment, he will also remove any stitches or other dressings. After about a month, the majority of any swelling and bruising will have disappeared.

Other Breast Enhancement Options in New Jersey and New York

Some of the other breast enhancement procedures offered by Dr. Giampapa at the Plastic Surgery Center Internationale include the following:

Discover your plastic surgery options for breast enhancement by scheduling an appointment when you call the Plastic Surgery Center Internationale at 973-746-3535.

The Cost of Breast Augmentation in New York City and New Jersey

Most health insurance plans classify breast augmentation surgery as a cosmetic procedure, which means they do not extend benefits for these treatments unless the reason for the service is to reconstruct the breast after a mastectomy. If your health insurance plan provides benefits for the breast augmentation procedure, our insurance specialist will work with you through the process of authorizing the procedure. Once the insurance provider approves services and verifies the benefits, a member of our business team will assist you with determining your financial responsibility for deductibles and co-pays.

To make aesthetic surgery affordable and accessible to as many people as possible, Plastic Surgery Center Internationale accepts CareCredit® financing to cover the cost of our services. The application process is quick and easy, so you’ll know your financing options within hours. Our practice also accepts cash, checks, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover.

Dr. Vincent C. Giampapa, a board-certified aesthetic, plastic, and reconstructive surgeon, recognizes that each patient has unique requirements and desires. His services have improved the lives of people from in and around New York, New Jersey, and the world. Dr. Giampapa is the inventor of the Suture Suspension Platysmaplasty Neck Lift and a pioneer in Stem Cell Research and Anti-aging Medicine. If you are looking for self-improvement via cosmetic plastic surgery and cosmetic anti-aging medicine, our professional team will accommodate your needs! Please call 973-746-3535 today to schedule your consultation!


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Written by Plastic Surgery Center International April 7, 2014
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